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YOU are the main and best teacher for your child!

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Top 3 tips:
1) Make a decision and set a goal.
2) Go to the goal without stopping. Even if you go to the goal slowly and in zigzags, if you do not stop, you will come to it.
3) Do not be shy about your English.
Even if you have forgotten, then what you taught at school, do not worry. With us and your child, you will quickly begin to remember everything.
If you have never learned English, compete with your child, who will say faster, who will say more correctly, who will quickly understand what to do, etc. He will even be interested in defeating you (do not hesitate, he will defeat you).

Remember that the phrase you said in clumsy English has a learning effect 10 times greater than the same phrase said by any American or Englishman, any cartoon character.
Encourage your child to speak. Create the conditions and the need.

How To Teach Children English

Watch this video on YouTube

If your did not understand something you can click here to download PDF of the
a) text transcript,
b) subtitles
and read.

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